• What Is Wheelchair Rugby

  • Wheelchair rugby is an exciting full-contact team sport for athletes with a mobility-related impairment in at least three limbs. It is a unique sport created by athletes with a disability that combines some elements of basketball, handball and ice hockey. The object of the game is to carry the ball across the opposing team’s goal line while the opposing team tries to stop their progress.

  • History of the Sport

  • Wheelchair rugby was invented in 1977 in Winnipeg, Canada, by a group of athletes with quadriplegia who were looking for an alternative to wheelchair basketball. They wanted a sport that would allow players with reduced arm and hand function to participate equally. The sport they created, originally called Murderball, is now known as wheelchair rugby.

  • Player Equipment

    At the international level, most players use custom-made chairs meant to fit their size and specifications. There are two types of rugby chairs: Offensive and Defensive chairs. Offensive chairs that are set up for speed and mobility and are usually used by players with more function (Class 2.0 and up). Offensive chairs have a front bumper with wings to brush off of contact and prevent other players from hooking onto it. Defensive chairs are designed to hook onto and hold other chairs; they have a “pick bar” on the front. These chairs are usually used by players with less function (1.5 and below). Athletes also use a variety of gloves, sleeves and pads to improve grip and protect their bodies.


  • Game Equipment

    The game is played with a white ball identical in size and shape to a regulation volleyball. In addition to the ball, four cones, pylons or other similar markers are required to mark the ends of the try lines. A game clock is also required; any clock used for basketball, handball or other similar sports will be sufficient.

  • Buy a Ticket

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