Nathan Bragg Interviews Lars Mertens

On today's blog, Nathan Bragg interviews Belgian athlete Lars Mertens.

Nathan: How are excited are you for the 2012 Canada Cup? How will the Canada Cup help you and your team in your preparations for London?

Lars: We’re really excited to see all the teams we have to play in London. It will be a good test to try new lines. And for me personally, it will be exciting to see the people from Portland, where I trained this year.

Jessica Kruger: What Wheelchair Rugby Means to Me

We're pleased to welcome Jessica Kruger to the 2012 Canada Cup International Wheelchair Rugby Tournament Communications team. Not only is Jessica a student at Simon Fraser University specializing in writing and English, but she's also a wheelchair rugby player. Today, Jessica tells us about what wheelchair rugby means to her and what impact it's made on her life. Welcome, Jessica!

Arley McNeney: Are the Paralympics Patronizing?

Note: In order to start discussions on our blog, we will be posting blog content about general topics relating to the Paralympic Sports movement. This blog post comes courtesy of Arley McNeney, who is the Communications Coordinator for the 2010 World Wheelchair Rugby Championships and also a former wheelchair basketball player. This blog post is reprinted from her blog "Young and Hip."

Travis Murao: Inspirational?

As a wheelchair rugby player, especially on the international stage, someone at some time or another is going to call you inspirational.

Now, you hope and pray that they find you inspiring because of your dedication to the sport and to training or because of the obstacles you’ve overcome in your life. More often than not, however, people will call you inspirational simply because you’re disabled and you are playing a sport. Are other Olympic athletes inspiring to you just because they got out of bed?

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